ASN 37468

TelCables provides local and international connectivity to content providers (CDNs) and access to major ISP’s (Tier 1). With a variety of strategic traffic exchange agreements, TelCables’ IP Transit offers high performance in accessing the largest international IXP’s, ensuring a robust infrastructure. And Anti_DDoS maximize your network security and protect your server, services and infrastructure from cyber attacks.


Autonomy in traffic management via the BGP Community

Access to the main Internet Exchange Points

Access to Global and Local Content 

Coverage of 100% of cyber attacks and Distributed protection (Europe, Africa, America, Asia)

Security Layers until Layer 7

DDoS protection

Recommended for:

Entities from multiple sectors interested in internet access with
flexible capacity within a global, efficient and low latency network.
Simplify your business and solidify the trust placed by your customers.

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