Low latency connection to the largest Data Centers and IP exchange points in Brazil and USA via SACS:

Capacity (Gbps)

1 <> 3

4 <> 6

7 <> 10



Circuit L2VPN + RP*

2x Circuit L2VPN + RP*

2x Circuit L2VPN + 2x RP*

3x Circuit L2VPN + 2x RP*

Bonus included

RP (Angonix 100Mbps)

RP (Angonix 300Mbps)

RP (Angonix 500Mbps)

RP (Angonix 800Mbps)

* Remote peering (IXP & Capacity at choice)

SACS offers
the lowest latency
between the
and Africa

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thrust your business
forward at
the speed
of light

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* The campaign is valid until september 15th.